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Know all about Rockford, Illinois

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If you think that you are in love with the enchanting beauty of Rockford then we must tell you that the feeling is mutual. The city is said to be full of love where you meet several of amicable people wherever you turn your head to. You can easily lose yourself into the pool of smiling faces. Hence, it's the denizens of the city that make it vivacious, accommodating and amiable. Now, you know why people are turning towards it when it comes to choose a perfect holiday destination to achieve their holiday goals. You will also fall head over heels for its newness and distinctiveness. Rockford is said to be a city that always loves to remain a step ahead of its rivals. It always tries to cope up with the time and pace changing around to meet the expectations of today's as well as tomorrow's man. Thus, Rockford always remains the trendiest as compared to its neighboring cities. No matter which time period you choose to visit the city, you will always find it geared up to meet or even exceed your expectations. All you need to change is your holiday plans if some other name is one your mind as Rockford is all set to welcome you, embrace you and love you.

Image by Jake Mackenzie (Transfinite) (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5-2.0-1.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

History of Rockford

In 1834, New Englanders laid the foundation of Rockford as separate settlements, namely Haightville and Kentville. Due to its geographical territory on both sides of the river, Rockford was being Midway during its initial days. Germanicus Kent, Thatcher Blake, and Lewis Lemon are claimed to be the early settlers of Midway along the Rock River. Being amongst the early settlers, Daniel Shaw Height used to settle along the east bank of the river. In 1837, the New Englanders renamed the village of Midway as ‘Rockford’ due to its closeness to a ford situated across the Rock River. In 1837, the first post office was established in Rockford, and Shaw Height served as its first postmaster. In 1840, Rockford witnessed the establishment of its first weekly newspaper. In 1852, Rockford was incorporated as a city. In 1853, the city was given a soubriquet, i.e., ‘The Forest City’. During the first decade of 21st century, Rockford witnessed improvements and developments in the downtown area. In 2013, Forbes declared Rockford number three on its list of ‘The Most Miserable Cities in the United States’. Today’s Rockford economy is dominantly driven by the aerospace industry.

Important Locations in Rockford

Anderson Japanese Gardens

John Anderson is the brain behind the majestic Anderson Japanese Gardens. The foundation of these gardens was laid in 1978. He drew inspiration from the Portland Japanese Garden nestling in Oregon and gifted Rockford with such enthralling creation. The imagination of John Anderson was brought to reality by the world-renowned designer and craftsman, namely, Hoichi Kurisu. The alignment of rocks, paths and trees is simply incredible. The expertise of Hoichi Kurisu is evident from this jaw-dropping creation and the heavy influx of visitors all-year round to this facility. Anderson Japanese Gardens is an unprecedented testament of Japanese authenticity. Grace and elegance of Anderson Japanese Gardens is hard to match and even surpass. Let's know more about it.

Burpee Museum of Natural History

Burpee Museum of Natural History is engaged into inspiring people and roping in them to discover the deep insights of natural world. In 1935, a local furniture maker, i.e., Harry Burpee purchased The Manny Mansion and thought of converting it into a funeral parlor. But due to objection showed by neighbors, Harry Burpee converted it into Harry and Della Burpee Art Gallery, which is today famed as Rockford Art Museum. After several renovations and modulations, the museum opened its doors for many out there on May 24, 1942. The museum is also engaged into providing students with golden opportunities to learn from highly-educated and skilled educators who help them in attaining quality knowledge and education lucrative for their own growth and development. Find more details here.

Discovery Center Museum

Discovery Center Museum is revered as one of the incredible spots in the city that are apt for providing children with opportunities to learn and discover. Sprawling across 23,000 sq. ft., Discovery Center Museum entertains and educates children through its hands-on programs and interactive exhibits. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is the main focus area of Discovery Center Museum and its all learning program are driven by STEM protocol. The main emphasis of the exhibitions at the museum remains on space travel, human body, simple machines, electricity, the science of sports, color and light, math, communication, and agriculture. At the museum, you can also catch the glimpse of Rock River Discovery Park which is sprawling across 15,000 sq. ft of area boasting of a water play area, a dinosaur dig pit, a secret garden, and a maze. Want to know more?

Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens

The stones of Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens were laid by Robert Hall Tinker as his personal residence. He built his residence in Swiss style overlooking the Kent Creek. In 1875, Robert Hall Tinker became the mayor of Rockford and also became fame as Rockford Park District’s founding member. In the wake of the demise of Robert Hall Tinker and his second wife, Jessie Dorr Hurd Tinker, the home was acquired by Rockford Park District. In 1943, the home opened its doors to the visitors as a museum. On December 27, 1972, Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens made its presence on the list of National Register of Historic Places. Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens is engaged into preserving, interpreting and protecting the history, culture and heritage of Rockford in the hope of promoting economic and community verve. Visit the link and know more.

Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens

Famed as the third largest conservatory in the state, Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens gives you deep insights of the history, culture and heritage of the Midwest. Sprawling across 11,000 sq. ft. of space, Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens is believed to be a breathtaking spot bedazzling you with its plant exhibition. The Gardens boast of its sculptures and water features situating incredibly amidst the tropical plant setting. The conservatory has a lot of more to astonish you, namely, patio areas, fountains, pedestrian bridge, waterfall, walkway and many more. Its walkway provides you with an access to Sinnissippi Rose Garden. Watching events hosted by Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens is believed to be one-of-its-kind experience in the city. Click here and get more details.

Midway Village Museum

If Rockford has really pleased you, then you must be wondering about its origin and history. There are plenty of intriguing secrets about this breathtaking city locked in the store of its history. To supply you with the right amount of knowledge and facts about this enchanting land, Midway Village Museum has come up a long way. It is dedicatedly engaged into providing people with unstoppable supply of the interpretation of Rockford’s history. The museum collects and preserves myriads of artifacts and works related to the age-old history of Rockford and astonishes its visitors giving them an unforgettable experience. Its state-of-the-art exhibits are said to treat you with edutainment, i.e., education as well as entertainment. The museum also organizes multitudes of other programs and events that supply humongous knowledge based on Rockford’s history. For more info, visit the link.

Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House

There are plethora of facts about Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House that are one and first of its kind and ready to astonish you on your first visit to Rockford. This house was designed by an architect, Frank Lloyd Wright who was a person with disability. Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House was the first and the only house in the city built by a physically-challenged architect. Phyllis and Kenneth Laurent lived in the hose for sixty years until 2012, and after that, a private foundation acquired the house. Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House was also honored by placing it on the list of the National Register of Historic Places. There is plenitude of features about this house that deserve your attention, like, fishpond, a carport, solar hemicycle footprint, and a patio. Much of the majesty of the house comes from its Red Tidewater Cypress and Chicago Common Brick. Here are the more details.

People and Culture of Rockford

‘Multi-faceted’ is what people call the culture of Rockford. To please a wide spectrum of taste and preferences, Rockford’s culture is all set to prove itself as an unprecedented melting pot of multiple cultures with diverse colors, customs, and beliefs. Rockford Art Museum, Anderson Japanese Gardens, Starlight Theatre, Coronado Theatre, Laurent House, and many more are some of the driving forces behind the unbeatable standards of Rockford’s culture. They together have made the art and culture scene of the city beyond any comparison. Many of them are revered as wonders of nature, music, architecture, and performing arts. As far as demographics of Rockford are concerned, we can call the city a diverse one as its population is a mix of various ethnic, racial, and religious groups, like, Whites, African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics and Latinos.

Time Zone and Phone Codes of Rockford

Rockford is in Central Time Zone (UTC-6). The Summer Daylight Saving Time (DST) is Central Daylight Time (UTC-5).

Standard time zone: UTC/GMT-6
Daylight saving time: 1 hour
Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT-5
Time zone abbreviation: CDT

Phone Codes of Alexandria: 815 and 779

Best Time to Visit Rockford

The time period from May 9 till May 31 is believed to be the ideal time to plan vacations in Rockford. During this time, the city remains free from muggy as well as dry air. A wave of gentle breeze wafts throughout the entire city around April 3. The entire month of June is also considered the agreeable time to hit this Forest City as it remains free from muggy as well as dry air. You can enjoy your time here to the fullest. The last week of August is said to be the most convincing time to visit the city as there remain no signs of muggy or dry air. A wave of light breeze makes every block and road of the city pleasant around August 8. Time period from September 1 to October 5 is also believed to be the most favorable time to plan your holidays in Rockford. During this time, there remain no hurdles like muggy or dry air.

A Map Guide on Rockford's Important Locations

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