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A Day in Rockford

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Rockford is said to be a city with multiple facets and hues to fill you up with a great spirit. All you get in return of your time and visit here is positivity and humongous love. A wave of amiability wafts throughout the city. It has a lot of to do in its store from dawn to dusk. Just keep your camera ready as you can't afford to miss out on clicking this jaw-dropping beauty and flaunting it to others. Take a sneak peek into below-shared 24-hour itinerary based on Rockford and say bye to your dull life forever.

Rockford, IL Founders Memorial
Image by Ben Jacobson (Kranar Drogin) (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) or CC BY 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

8:00 am: Start off your day in Rockford's style
Let's start your day in the city like the others do. We are talking about Stockholm Inn which remains thronged all-year round due to its delectable and aromatic food. In Rockford, it has become a fashion to start off the day by sinking teeth in the luscious breakfast served at Stockholm Inn. Impeccable hospitality is what Stockholm Inn famous for and its rivals find it unbeatable when it comes to serve and satiate its guests. Thus, there are many people out there who find Stockholm Inn as comfy as their home. Besides hospitality, freshness is what that keeps this place ever-going bringing a stiff competition for its rivals as it is not an easy task to match the level of Stockholm Inn's popularity. If you have been greatly driven and swayed by Swedish culture and heritage, then Stockholm Inn is surely going to be one of your favorites. This restaurant has incredibly flourished the Swedish culinary through its dexterous chefs and staff members. From finger-licking to lip-smacking, all have become very common gestures at Stockholm Inn while engaging into eating and drinking. Your heart will want more even if you have had your fill. Your tummy may resist it, but you won't stop drooling over its delectable food. So, its time to delve into Swedish taste and flavors.

Address: 2420 Charles Street, Rockford, IL 61108, United States
Phone: 1 815.397.3534
Website: www.stockholminn.com
Operation Hours: Monday-Thursday (7:00 am-7:00 pm); Friday and Saturday (7:00 am-8:00 pm); Sunday (7:00 am-2:00 pm)

9:30 am: Anderson Japanese Gardens: a true eye feast
It was delicious time at Stockholm Inn. Let's make our move to Anderson Japanese Gardens. John Anderson is the brain behind the majestic Anderson Japanese Gardens. The foundation of these gardens was laid in 1978. He drew inspiration from the Portland Japanese Garden nestling in Oregon and gifted Rockford with such enthralling creation. The imagination of John Anderson was brought to reality by the world-renowned designer and craftsman, namely, Hoichi Kurisu. The alignment of rocks, paths and trees is simply incredible. The expertise of Hoichi Kurisu is evident from this jaw-dropping creation and the heavy influx of visitors all-year round to this facility. Anderson Japanese Gardens is an unprecedented testament of Japanese authenticity. Grace and elegance of Anderson Japanese Gardens is hard to match and even surpass. Its foundation was laid with a clear motto of promoting and flourishing Japanese culture and heritage. Be a part of the spectacular and full-of-hues events at Anderson Japanese Gardens, namely, On Tap in the Garden, Ikebana & Chanoyu, Spook-tacular Haunts, and many more.

Address: 318 Spring Creek Road, Rockford, Illinois 61107, United States
Phone: 1 815.229.9390
Website: www.andersongardens.org
Operation Hours: Monday-Friday (9:00 am-6:00 pm); Saturday and Sunday (9:00 am-5:00 pm)
Distance and time from Stockholm Inn: 2.3 miles or 7 minutes drive

11:00 am: History is calling you
Are you a history junkie? Then, we would happy to take you along to Burpee Museum of Natural History. The museum is engaged into inspiring people and roping in them to discover the deep insights of natural world. In 1935, a local furniture maker, i.e., Harry Burpee purchased The Manny Mansion and thought of converting it into a funeral parlor. But due to objection showed by neighbors, Harry Burpee converted it into Harry and Della Burpee Art Gallery, which is today famed as Rockford Art Museum. After several renovations and modulations, the museum opened its doors for many out there on May 24, 1942. The museum is also engaged into providing students with golden opportunities to learn from highly-educated and skilled educators who help them in attaining quality knowledge and education lucrative for their own growth and development. Its workshops and group tours are mean to enhance the horizon of learning for a wide gamut of age-groups.

Address: 737 North Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103, United States
Phone: 1 815.965.3433
Website: www.burpee.org
Operation Hours: Tuesday-Sunday (10:00 am-5:00 pm); remains closed on Mondays
Distance and time from Anderson Japanese Gardens: 2.2 miles or 6 minutes drive

12:30 pm: Get insights of Rockford's history
Let's turn our heads to Midway Village Museum. If Rockford has really pleased you, then you must be wondering about its origin and history. There are plenty of intriguing secrets about this breathtaking city locked in the store of its history. To supply you with the right amount of knowledge and facts about this enchanting land, Midway Village Museum has come up a long way. It is dedicatedly engaged into providing people with unstoppable supply of the interpretation of Rockford’s history. The museum collects and preserves myriads of artifacts and works related to the age-old history of Rockford and astonishes its visitors giving them an unforgettable experience. Its state-of-the-art exhibits are said to treat you with edutainment, i.e., education as well as entertainment. The museum also organizes multitudes of other programs and events that supply humongous knowledge based on Rockford’s history. Thus, abundance has become a driving force behind the popularity of Midway Village Museum.

Address: 6799 Guilford Road, Rockford, Illinois 61107, United States
Phone: 1 815.397.9112
Website: www.midwayvillage.com/wordpress
Operation Hours: Tuesday-Friday (10:00 am-4:00 pm); Saturday and Sunday (10:30 am-4:00 pm); remains closed on Mondays
Distance and time from Burpee Museum of Natural History: 6.9 miles or 15 minutes drive

2:00 pm: A break for your tummy
Let's feast your tummy. If you want to experience the real essence of taverns, then you ought to visit Tavern On Clark at least once in your life time. You would love being here and would not want to leave the place for hours. Its so soothing here and enjoying every bite to your food amidst such appeasing ambiance could be an experience that stands the test of time. Believe us, you would like to thank us for bringing you here. Amiable and accommodating are the two prominent and unparalleled assets of Tavern On Clark that let the place enjoy one of the top positions on the list of people's favorite. You will also love the place for its new-age amenities. The restaurant offers you several reasons to fall for it. Its exotic collection of wine has been well kept to gratify wine connoisseurs to the core of their heart. The taste just makes you go gaga over its wine and land here time and again in the search of tongue-tingling drinks. Diversity will never let you compromise. You can never fall short of your favorites.

Address: 755 Clark Drive, Rockford, IL 61107, United States
Phone: 1 815.708.7088
Website: www.tavernonclarkrockford.com
Operation Hours: Sunday-Thursday (11:00 am-10:00 pm); Friday and Saturday (11:00 am-11:00 pm)
Distance and time from Midway Village Museum: 1.8 miles or 5 minutes drive

3:30 pm: Entertainment through interactive exhibits
Our next destination would be Discovery Center Museum which is revered as one of the incredible spots in the city that are apt for providing children with opportunities to learn and discover. Sprawling across 23,000 sq. ft., Discovery Center Museum entertains and educates children through its hands-on programs and interactive exhibits. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is the main focus area of Discovery Center Museum and its all learning program are driven by STEM protocol. The main emphasis of the exhibitions at the museum remains on space travel, human body, simple machines, electricity, the science of sports, color and light, math, communication, and agriculture. At the museum, you can also catch the glimpse of Rock River Discovery Park which is sprawling across 15,000 sq. ft of area boasting of a water play area, a dinosaur dig pit, a secret garden, and a maze. The museum also remains engaged all-year round hosting travel exhibits and other related programs to entertain and educate its visitors.

Address: 711 North Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103, United States
Phone: 1 815.963.6769
Website: www.discoverycentermuseum.org
Operation Hours: Opens daily (10:00 am-5:00 pm)
Distance and time from Tavern On Clark: 7.4 miles or 17 minutes drive

5:00 pm: Let's get acquainted with Laurents
Now, make your move to Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House. There are plethora of facts about Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House that are one and first of its kind and ready to astonish you on your first visit to Rockford. This house was designed by an architect, Frank Lloyd Wright who was a person with disability. Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House was the first and the only house in the city built by a physically-challenged architect. Phyllis and Kenneth Laurent lived in the hose for sixty years until 2012, and after that, a private foundation acquired the house. Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House was also honored by placing it on the list of the National Register of Historic Places. There is plenitude of features about this house that deserve your attention, like, fishpond, a carport, solar hemicycle footprint, and a patio. Much of the majesty of the house comes from its Red Tidewater Cypress and Chicago Common Brick. Now, we believe that Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House has given you many reasons to alter your holiday goals and make the very first move towards it.

Address: 4646 Spring Brook Road, Rockford, Illinois 61114, United States
Phone: 1 815.877.2952
Website: www.laurenthouse.com
Distance and time from Discovery Center Museum: 3.8 miles or 8 minutes drive

6:30 pm: Shop and shine
Its time to shop some Rockford's stuff. Shopping at CherryVale Mall will enhance your style statement and keep you ahead of your friends and rivals. Its time to flaunt your style and fashion. The mall is dotted with myriads of high-end stores boasting of collection of A-list designers. American Eagle, Auntie Anne's, Bath & Body Works, Bergner's, Charlotte Russe, Claire's, Dressbarn, Euberah, Furry Babies, and many more are amongst its opulent stores which have accentuated the style quotient of the city. Surprise your loved-one by buying them a precious gift from the splendid collection at CherryVale Mall. You won't mind splurging blindly here as the mall will leave you awestruck. You will always remain in the awe of mall's opulence. So, are you ready to join the crowd of high-heeled people in the town?

Address: 7200 Harrison Avenue, Rockford, IL 61112, United States
Phone: 1 815.332.2440
Website: www.shopcherryvalemall.com
Operation Hours: Monday-Saturday (10:00 am-9:00 pm); Sunday (10:00 am-6:00 pm)
Distance and time from Kenneth and Phyllis Laurent House: 6.3 miles or 12 minutes drive

8:00 pm: Something just right for your tummy
You must be feeling weary by now and low on energy. Let's take you to a scrumptious spot, i.e., GreenFire which is a bustling combo of three, i.e., 'Restaurant, Bar & Bakery'. Thus you can indulge into several things to wow your taste buds. Its menu is speckled with organic delicacies that are believed to be hearty for one's health. The richness of taste and flavors comes from the use of state-of-the-art Wood Stone ovens. Its cakes and pastries are the true testament of the European tradition. You would fall head over heels for its innovation and diversity. Whatever you get here is hard to find anywhere else as everything is made-to-perfection from scratch. Thus, this factor accounts for the distinctiveness of the restaurant. The place is also believed to be promising for last-minute parties. The arrangements are said to be lavishing and unprecedented. Be it corporate party, after-office get together, birthday bash, cocktail party, or wedding, GreenFire is a perfect setting for all sorts of parties and events gratifying a monumental group of people. The Telluride room, The Wine Cellar room, The Vail Dining Room, and The Aspen Bar & Dining Room are perfect for post-dark hangouts and treats.
Address: 6795 East Riverside Blvd, Rockford, IL 61114, United States
Phone: 1 815.316.3473
Website: www.greenfirerestaurant.com
Operation Hours: Monday-Friday (11:00 am-12:00 am); Saturday and Sunday (8:00 am-2:00 pm)
Distance and time from CherryVale Mall: 5.4 miles or 12 minutes drive

9:30 pm: Shake your leg with us
Let's make your night rocking like never before. Dedicate it to Bigfoot Lounge & Gentlemen's Club. If dance is your weakness, then we have a right remedy for you. Bigfoot Lounge & Gentlemen's Club is a vibrant night spot which has sworn to pop out everyone's eyes. The place seems heaven when exotic dancers flaunt their dance moves and lure you with their jaw-dropping beauty. A visit to Bigfoot Lounge & Gentlemen's Club will make you forget where you came from and captivate you here for ever. Thus, if you are looking for some detachment from city's bustling life and commotion, then spend a few hours in the lap of charm and entertainment. The amount of beauty is too high to handle. Don't forget to order your favorite drink from its widely-varied menu. Drinks served here are too tantalizing to taste at least once in our lifetime. The experience would last for ever as it is hard to find a taste like this anywhere else in the town. You can also catch the glimpse of your favorite football team on its whopping 16 ft. screen and flat-screen televisions.
Address: 1609 South Alpine Rd, Rockford, IL 61108, United States
Phone: 1 815.399.4600
Website: www.bigfootgentlemansclub.com
Operation Hours: Opens daily (3:00 pm-2:00 am)
Distance and time from GreenFire: 7.2 miles or 14 minutes drive

11:00 pm: A farewell drink at Whiskey's Roadhouse
The gala time is not over yet. If whiskey is your passion or you call yourself a whiskey connoisseur, then you must check out Whiskey's Roadhouse at least once during your journey in Rockford. You can never fall short of choices here. The menu is speckled with a wide gamut of varieties of whiskeys representing various regions all around the world. Thus, Whiskey's Roadhouse is a place for everyone catering to all sorts of taste and preferences. Whether you like a few shots or a huge mug of whiskey, Whiskey's Roadhouse will gratify all sorts of drinkers. Every day at Whiskey's Roadhouse is a special day for those who hanker for whiskey. You can enjoy the extra doses of your favorite drinks at affordable prices. 1/2 Price Appetizers, All-U-Can Eat Cod Dinner for $10.99, All Wraps $7.00, $1.50 Domestic Drafts, $6.00 Domestic Pitchers, and many more are amongst its daily specials. You can also go heavy on karaoke dose and entertain yourself to the moon and back.
Address: 3207 North Main St, Rockford, IL 61103, United States
Phone: 1 815.877.8007
Website: www.whiskeysroadhouse.com
Distance and time from Bigfoot Lounge & Gentlemen's Club: 6.4 miles or 14 minutes drive

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